International Missionaries We Support

  • The Andersons

    Who: Kerry and Raquel Anderson (Anna, Larissa, and Glenda)

    Where: Brazil

    What: Kerry works with COMEV, a Brazilian audio-visual non-profit ministry. Raquel helps lead a ministry to mothers at Calvary International Church. 

    With: Brazil Evangelistic Association


  • The Houdashelts

    Who: Brad and Abby Houdashelt (Jaden, Elias, and Corban)

    Where: They formerly served in east Asia, and are currently living in Florida

    What: They are part of the CRU's Global Digital Strategy team. They work to evangelize and disciple people from parts of the world where no one else is reaching. 

    With: CRU

  • The Lanes

    Who: Jeff and Amy Lane

    Where: Gabon

    What: They serve at the Bongolo Hospital where Jeff is an anesthesiologist.

    With: The Alliance


  • The McManuses

    Who: Alan and Beth McManus (Cameron and Dayton)

    Where: Mexico

    What: They are teachers at a Christian school. 

    With: CAM International. 


  • The Pattons

    Who: Wayne and Ellen Patton

    Where: Brazil

    What: They share about Jesus with people living in communities along the Amazon river. 
    With: Encompass World Partners